Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sticking With It

The healthy and balanced eating has carried on very well over the last couple of days, with one exemption being a piece of candy which I had along with a cup of coffee on Thursday. Other than that I've been sticking with a few healthy dishes along with an optional small meal and it is beginning to help.

I have been spending so much time at the gym as well, following the program my personal trainer supplied me with. It calls for a greater amount of targeted cardio exercise as I've agreed to two or three 10k runs this coming summer and I need to develop my cardiovascular fitness.

 Two out of five days I will complete a good work out with dumbbells, centering mostly on the upper body in addition tothe core to allow my lower body the chance to rest right after the serious aerobic exercise the day before. On saturdays and sundays I'm looking to improve my flexibility with a mix of pilates and martial arts stretching.

Enjoying the Aussie Open tennis ought to help to keep me focused over the next fortnight. I’m a big fan of the ATP Tour and I’ll make an effort to see as many games as I possibly can. Witnessing those guys competing in strong heat for several hours really helps make me realise just how far I want to go!

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