Thursday, 12 January 2012

My First Week Of Training

I’ve begun a blog site to try and hold my concentration on my weight loss program, and since I actually have stuck to the blueprint since right after the holiday season I must attempt new ways to keep it important.

 Initially I’ll go over the training I’ve carried out thus far. I met my personal trainer in Glasgow to have him put together a program for the health club and I've made 5 out of 5 training sessions up to now.

 It’s a mixture of using the regular fitness equipment like weights and cardio equipment in addition to several things I hadn’t tried out before, such as a few yoga style exercises using resistance bands.

 I didn’t know that I had become as unhealthy as I am. I’ve had a busy 12 months with a newborn baby and a new career keeping me way too busy to consider exercising, however as my kid gets more active I want to be physically fit enough so as to run around after him.

 The diet has actually been proceeding rather well, instead of attempting some dietary fad I have just stuck to having 3 healthy and balanced daily meals and eliminating junk snack foods. I decided it was safer to choose something simple that I'm able to stick with as opposed to something challenging that I would probably quit after a few weeks.

 This will be the earliest of many short records, hopefully I’ll reach my objective quickly and then there isn't going to be any need for me to write.
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